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A Modo Mio

Italian restaurant in the Old Port of Marseille

– Marseille –

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An ideal terrace overlooking the Old Port

“A Modo mio” is a link between Naples and Marseille.
These cities so similar, proud of their freedom and excesses.
These noisy and charming cities with colourful populations.

“A Modo mio” stands in front of the “Bonne Mère” (for protection), and near the Mucem (for the beauty of the culture).
The Old Port is strung with boats and sparkles in front of the restaurant tables.
And under the arcana, tourists join the locals in a pleasant stroll.
The legendary Marseille sunshine allows you to have lunch and dinner on the terrace, enjoying this unique panorama.

A colourful menu

In our restaurant, the most common excesses are those of the table, and conviviality. The products are carrefully selected so that the simplest dish reveals a treasure trove of flavours and aromas.

The sausages are imported from Naples, chosen from renowned partners. The meat comes from a butcher shop in Marseille.

There is no half measure in the kitchen. “A Modo Mio” evokes this whole and faithful approach to Neapolitan gastronomy.

In the plates, natural products are highlighted.
A tomato sauce made by us illuminates a pasta dish.
A cheese will only be served if the chef considers it worthy of presentation.

“A Modo Mio” is a restaurant that evokes family, roots and traditions.
There is a cosmopolitan family, an extended family, a family of hearts and tastes.
The proposed recipes come from our Neapolitan parents. Where, just like in Marseille, family meals are the basis for Sundays and all holidays.

Every Thursday, Neapolitan specialities are offered. At the moment, it is thus possible to taste the fried pizza (to understand this dish, you have to come and taste it!)

Opening hours

Lunch: from 12pm to 2.30pm (except Tuesday)
Dinner: from 7pm to 10.30pm (except Monday and Tuesday)


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